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Inside Sales as a Service

Sales engagement and data-driven insights powering revenue growth

Full inside sales solutions

Helping sales and marketing teams drive growth with scalable, targeted and personalised connections.

Remote team

Prospecting with speed

Our world-leading data allows us to connect, fast:

  • Greater reach
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Fewer calls need for better results

Our data is:

  • Verified
  • Compliant
  • Washed against do not call lists

Connecting with precision

Our sophisticated tech stack delivers conversions fast:

  • automated sequences
  • customisable journeys
  • personalised interactions
  • multi-channel touches

Our analytics and reporting provide:
  • time-efficient workflows
  • data-driven approach
  • faster connections with prospects
  • strategies founded on results rather than hunches


High performing team

We are passionate about building high-performing sales teams. Our Sales Development Reps go into battle every day, eager not just to win as a team but also in the pursuit of being the best they can be. 

We have created a code that expects vulnerability, accountability, trust and resilience in the face of failure and the constant pursuit of growth. 

Struggling to Exceed Revenue Goals?

"Only 6% of CSOs say they are extremely confident about their team’s ability to meet or exceed revenue goals."

The Salesdeck process

For Salesdeck, it starts with the partnership. Understanding your challenges, objectives, buyers and sales goals, allows us to create custom, fit-for-purpose strategies and inside sales operations.


  • Discovery & Onboarding

    Define the project, challenges, objectives, ideal customer and buyer personas to develop a deep understanding of your business, products, and KPI's

  • Playbook Creation

    Create an integrated plan with customer profiles and buyer personas to align sales reps to achieve your strategy and core objectives

  • Sequences & Content

    Define your sales cadence, multi-channel touches and develop your content and templates

  • Training & Launch

    Train your sales team and go live

  • Data-driven Insights

    Strategic decisions based on data collection, analysis, and interpretations or insights

  • Connection & Integration

    Weekly reviews to discuss performance and drive strategic improvements

How confident are you of achieving your revenue goals? Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a robust process built on sales enablement software?
  • Do you have access to world-leading data and intent data platforms?
  • Are you able to recruit and retain high performing inside sales reps?
  • Do you deliver ongoing training programs for your SDR's?
  • Are your team generating sufficient top-of-funnel activities to build your pipeline?
  • Are your sales team getting quality SQL that convert?
  • Have you built sufficient risk coverage into your sales pipeline?
  • Are you confident of reaching your targets?

If you've answered no to any of these, request a discovery call to learn how Salesdeck can generate pipeline coverage to drive your growth.